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  •     Unlimited calls to national mobile and landlines up to 120 different numbers per month. If you reach 120 different numbers in one month, further calls will be charged at 10c/min with a connection fee of 20c.
  • This Plan does not include premium rate numbers (901, 902, 70X, etc...) or service numbers (short numbers) More info at : (
  • The unlimited calls are for telephone calls exclusively and not for “walkie talkie”, “baby monitoring” or similar uses.
  • The SIM card may only be used in mobile devices. Use in switchboards, sim-box, call centers, mass calling services or rerouting of mobile traffic is prohibited.
  • Calls made in the circumstances described in the previous two points will be charged at 10c/min with a 20c connection fee.
  • First 5 minutes of your calls are Free (connection fee of 20c applies).
  • From the 6th minute onwards you will be charged 3.63c/min
  • You can use 1GB, 3GB, 5GB or 8GB of data at the maximum speed your location permits (GPRS, 3G 3G, 3G+ and 4G).
  • You can add "Bono Relax" to your tariff. A Speed reduction for additional 2€ and you will avoid billing for additional data.
  • If you have consumed your data bundle and not activated "Bono Relax" you will be billed at:
    1. Contract: 1.5€/100mb at a maximum of 600mb (9€) after this your data will slow down to 16Kbps
    2. Automatic top up: 3.63c/mb at a maximum of 9€ after this your data will slow down to 16Kbps

About Mimobile

We specialize in telecommunication services in Spain. Internet, fiber Optics, Mobile services, International TV etc. For long and short term residents and holiday makers. We speak more than 5 languages. You name it we have it!

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